Liposuction Recovery

Lipo Recovery

While many patients spend a considerable amount of time learning about the lipo process, defining their body goals, and calculating cost, they must also plan for liposuction recovery.

In fact, taking necessary post-procedure precautions is essential to maximize results and minimizes complications.

If you are thinking about surgical fat removal, continue reading to learn what to expect from liposuction recovery and issues you may encounter.

What Can Patients Expect from Liposuction Recovery?

Following liposuction, patients will be taken to a recovery suite and then discharged to heal at home.

Before leaving, they will be given instructions regarding post-op medications, surgical site care, and follow-up appointments.

How Long Must a Compression Garment Be Worn After Lipo?

After undergoing liposuction, patients are placed in a compression garment. It looks and feels like a body suit and is designed to minimize bruising, swelling and pain after surgery.

Individuals should wear the compression garment for two-to-three weeks or as directed by their surgeon.

When to Resume Exercise Following Liposuction?

While walking around the house is an important part of liposuction recovery, patients should refrain from other types of physical activity as they heal.

In fact–unlike CoolSculpting–strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to six weeks after liposuction or until patients receive clearance from their treating physician.

How Soon Can Patients Get Back to Work?

Most women and men can return to work two-to-three days after having liposuction.

However, mitigating factors, like a long commute or a physical job, may necessitate additional time off for rest and recovery.

Learn More About Nonsurgical Fat Removal Options

If you would like to eliminate unwanted fat and sculpt your body, without the long and difficult liposuction recovery, call Cool Contours today.

We will be happy to provide information about CoolSculpting as a non-surgical alternative and schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled and experienced providers.


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