9 Foolproof Tips to Get the Best CoolSculpting in DC

9 Foolproof Tips to Get the Best CoolSculpting in DC

Sensational CoolSculpting results don’t just depend on showing up for your appointment.

While not complicated, there’s so much more to the process! Here’s what you need to know to get the best CoolSculpting in DC. 

  • Find a Certified CoolSculpting Specialist

It all begins with your provider. Ideally, you’ll choose a licensed healthcare professional who has earned the status of certified CoolSculpting specialist. 

This is someone who has an in-depth understanding of the science and practice of body contouring, factors that lead to excess weight, and how to conduct a thorough patient consultation. A certified specialist regularly participates in continuing education opportunities and keeps current with the latest cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology.

  • Schedule a Consultation

This meeting serves several purposes, and it may be the deciding factor when choosing a qualified provider. Many people feel an in-person visit helps them get to know who they’ll be working with a bit better. 

Before proceeding with treatment, you need a medical evaluation to ensure your safety. Be ready to give details about your health background including diagnosed conditions, medicines, supplements, and previous body contouring treatments if you’ve had them. 

Your CoolSculpting consultation is also the time to share your goals and expectations. If you have questions, now is the perfect time to ask! 

  • Prepare for Your Body Contouring Treatment

It’s necessary to manage your expectations by understanding what this treatment can and cannot do.  This procedure is not intended for weight loss. Instead, it eliminates small pockets of fat to contour the targeted areas.

CoolSculpting can effectively eliminate up to 20% of the subcutaneous fat located in the targeted treatment area, which refers to the fat beneath the skin and above the muscles. It does not improve skin sagging. 

Patients who are close to their ideal weight, are committed to a healthy lifestyle, and do not expect overnight results make the best candidates for this revolutionary technology. 

  • Massage the Treated Area

A massage immediately following treatment enhances its effectiveness. It aids in the breakdown of the destroyed fat calls and stimulates the lymphatic system to facilitate the elimination of deceased fat cells. 

To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to continue massaging the treated area multiple times a day for several days following a session, as this supports the body’s natural waste removal process. Your provider can give you specific instructions on the proper technique.

  • Live a Healthy Life

A commitment to a healthy lifestyle is key for optimal results. While the fat cells that are destroyed are gone for good, this doesn’t mean remaining cells in the area won’t expand after treatment. 

Eat nutritious meals that include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Additionally, establish an exercise regimen that combines cardiovascular workouts with strength training for the best outcomes.

  • Stay Hydrated, and Nourish Your Skin

It’s no secret that water is good for your overall health, but did you know it can further boost the efficacy of CoolSculpting? It can! Consume a sufficient daily intake of water to bolster the body’s innate detoxification mechanisms and assist in the elimination of fat cells following treatment.

For added support during and after the fat reduction process, you might also contemplate integrating skin-nourishing skincare products into your daily regimen to promote skin health.

  • Follow All Aftercare Instructions

To get the best CoolSculpting in DC, it is imperative you follow all post-CoolSculpting instructions given to you by your provider. They include details on how to manage side effects.

These are minimal and temporary, but soreness and discomfort can occur after treatment. Try a warm compress to ease any pain you may feel.

Avoid taking pain medications before treatment, as this can increase your risk of bruising. If you need something to relieve pain afterward, speak to your provider about a suitable over-the-counter medication and proper dosage. 

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes and Ask About a Compression Garment

Following the procedure, you may find you are more comfortable in loose clothing that exerts minimal pressure on the treated area. Avoid tight-fitting attire like skinny jeans, as they can exacerbate swelling, soreness, redness, and other discomforting sensations. 

While it may seem contradictory, wearing a compression garment around the treated area can help alleviate these side effects. This snug-fitting attire encourages better lymphatic and blood circulation, thereby expediting the recovery process after your procedure. 

  • Finish Your Treatment Plan

During your consultation, you discussed your goals with your provider. This information was key in creating your personalized plan. It’s essential to attend all of the appointments in your treatment plan as scheduled to stay on track and reach your goals. 

While individual experiences may vary, most patients find one to three sessions per targeted area is necessary. It may be advised you wait at least 60 days before considering retreatment of the same area.

Each session can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the size of the area(s) you’re treating. 

  • Bonus Tip: Choose Nearby Cool Contours to Get the Best CoolSculpting in DC!

Ask anyone in the area, and they’ll tell you we truly are the best option for non-surgical fat reduction near DC. You can count on our team of master CoolSculpting specialists to help you achieve the body of your dreams. 

Our sole focus is body contouring, and because of that, we’ve got the confidence to deliver amazing results. Book your free consultation online now, or give us a call at 703-665-3281 to schedule today!


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