CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023

CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023

CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023: What to Know About This Revolutionary Body Sculpting Treatment

For some men and women, diet and exercise aren’t quite enough to reach their goals. If this sounds familiar to you, then maybe it’s time to give CoolSculpting Elite a try.

How does it differ from CoolSculpting? Are the results the same? Is this the right treatment for you? All of those questions and more will be answered in this CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023!

How Is CoolSculpting Elite Different From CoolSculpting?

The makers of CoolSculpting have taken fat blasting to a new level with CoolSculpting Elite. While both use cryolipolysis, or extremely cold temps to destroy fat cells, you’re in for a whole new experience with Elite.

Distinct C-shaped applicators that are used with CoolSculpting Elite make this treatment more adaptable to your body. This means you’re better able to customize your treatments.

Elite also has DualSculpting. This is the use of two applicators, making it a cinch to safely treat more than one area at a time.

What’s most loved by all who have undergone CoolSculpting Elite is the results. While an 18% to 20% fat reduction is possible with CoolSculpting, you can expect a 20% to 25% reduction of fat in just one treatment of CoolSculpting Elite.

How Quickly Will I See CoolSculpting Elite Results?

Like its predecessor, CoolSculpting Elite results take some patience. Your body needs time to naturally eliminate the dead fat cells. Most patients start to notice the effects within one month after treatment and final results after four to six months.

How Many CoolSculpting Elite Sessions Will I Need?

The number of CoolSculpting Elite sessions you need depends on your aesthetic goals. On average, most men and women need one to three sessions for each area of concern.

Are CoolSculpting Elite Results Permanent?

The longevity of your CoolSculpting Elite results depends on you! In order to enjoy your results indefinitely, you need to be committed to a healthy lifestyle.

While you can’t grow new fat cells once the dead cells have been eliminated from your body, the remaining fat cells do expand if you gain weight. That’s why it’s important you’re dedicated to eating healthy and regular exercise after you have completed your treatment plan.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting Elite?

There are three general requirements you should meet in order to qualify for CoolSculpting Elite. You should:

  • Be healthy and within 30 pounds of your ideal weight, as this is not meant to be a weight loss program
  • Have areas of pinchable fat, not just skin, since CoolSculpting cannot reduce skin sagging
  • Have realistic expectations about what CoolSculpting Elite can do

You won’t have to make this determination about whether you qualify alone. Before treatment, you’ll meet with a provider to discuss your medical history, aesthetic goals, and current condition to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed.

This non-surgical fat reduction consultation is also your opportunity to share your body goals so a treatment plan can be created for you. If you have questions about non-surgical body contouring, now is the time to ask.

Want More Details About the CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023? Contact Cool Contours!

The team at Cool Contours is proud to provide you with this CoolSculpting Elite Guide for 2023. We understand you might have more questions and encourage you to give us a call. We’re happy to help!

At Cool Contours, we focus solely on non-surgical body contouring methods, which means we confidently offer only the best techniques with the highest quality results.

If you’re ready to experience the beautifully contoured body of which you’ve always dreamed, why not give us a call to schedule your free CoolSculpting Elite consultation? Contact us at 703-574-3007, and let’s get started on your personalized treatment plan ASAP, so you can kick off the next year with results!


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