Want the Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown? Do These 6 Things

Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown

When it comes to anything you invest your time, money, and effort into, you want to guarantee that you get the best outcome possible.

So, why would your journey with CoolSculpting be an exception? If you want to get the best CoolSculpting results in Georgetown, keep reading for these top six tips!

  • Practice Patience

Patience is really the only way you will get the results you want. Unlike liposuction and similarly invasive and risky procedures that yield almost instant results, CoolSculpting takes time. This can initially feel frustrating or discouraging, but you will see improvement overtime.

It’s recommended to wait at least 60 days after your recommended number of cycles are complete before repeating treatment on the same area.

This gives you enough time to determine whether you have achieved the outcome you want or if you require further help with reaching your fat loss goals.

  • Stay Committed to Your Treatment Plan

If you have a significant amount of fat you want to reduce, or you and your specialist already know that you’ll require more than one session, it’s important to stay committed to your treatment plan.

For the best CoolSculpting results in Georgetown, you may only need one cycle, though more can be performed if there’s at least an inch of pinchable fat. Book your appointments accordingly – and be sure to keep them.

  • Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water

This particular fat-reduction procedure is best suited for people who are already living a healthy lifestyle. If that’s you, great – keep doing what you’re doing!

If there are habits you have that could be improved, such as your diet, this is a good time to start putting in that effort. Keeping yourself hydrated, as well as consuming a nutritious diet, can really make a difference in how quickly you see results. Plus, there are long-term benefits to hydration and healthful meals.

It’s important to avoid consuming large amounts of foods high in sugar and sodium, as well as processed foods.

  • Maintain a Regular Exercise Routine

Many body contouring treatments require that you take a break from exercise, whereas CoolSculpting is the opposite.

A consistent workout routine is a great way to not only enhance your physique further but keep yourself healthy and stress free. Stress raises cortisol levels and can hinder your progress with fat reduction.

If you’re really looking to tone up, try weight training or even CoolTone, another non-surgical procedure provided by the CoolSculpting brand.

  • Avoid Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are typically harmless for most healthy people. In fact, you probably keep a bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin in your medicine cabinet, just in case you need it. After CoolSculpting, it’s recommended that you avoid this particular drug class.

Your body’s natural inflammatory response is a key element in eliminating stubborn fat cells from your body, and suppressing it only delays this process, which can negatively impact your outcome and how soon you see results.

Ask your provider about which pain relievers you should take instead if needed.

  • Give Once-a-Day Massages a Try

There is evidence suggesting that daily massage of the treated area can boost your results, so give it a shot and see if it improves your outcome.

Regardless, there are a ton of benefits to massages, including better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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