7 Important Things to Know Before Getting CoolSculpting

coolsculpting in virginia

If you are ready to finally get rid of that stubborn body fat that just won’t go away with diet and exercise, there are 7 important things to know before getting CoolSculpting in Virginia.

1. CoolSculpting is Safe (and Effective)

Not only has CoolSculpting been verified as safe by the FDA, but studies have proven that this fat freezing device is very effective at eliminating fat cells in the body.

In fact, scholarly articles report an 86 percent rating in patient satisfaction.

2. It’s Not Right for Everyone

CoolSculpting is not for everyone.

This treatment is best intended for patients who have stubborn areas of unwanted body fat despite a dedicated diet and exercise routine.

This is not the right treatment for those with substantial weight to lose or who are obese.

3. How CoolSculpting in Virginia Works

CoolSculpting in Virginia uses a patented freezing technology to target the fat cells in the treatment area and cool them until they reach the desired temperature.

Once adequately cooled, these fat cells are destroyed and then are later depleted through the body’s natural metabolic process.

4. Treatment Day Expectations

On the day of your fat freezing treatment, you can expect to experience only mild discomfort.

The procedure itself will take anywhere from 35 minutes to one hour depending on the areas we are targeting.

You should be able to return to your daily activities immediately following your treatment.

5. The Results

You should expect to see the results of your CoolSculpting treatment as soon as one month later.

However, full results are most apparent around three months after your treatment session.

6. The Side Effects

Common side effects include redness, swelling, or bruising at the treatment site.

Other side effects include stinging, aching, or Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.

7. Where to Go for CoolSculpting

Perhaps the most important step in your CoolSculpting experience is to find an expertly trained provider to conduct your session.

Here at Cool Contours, we partner with our patients to achieve their body contouring goals.

To best serve our clients, we offer complimentary fat freezing consults as well as virtual consults.

To schedule a free consult for Coolsculpting in Virginia, contact our office online or call us today at (703) 665-3281.


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