Achieve the Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown

Achieve the Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown

The Secrets on How to Achieve the Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown? Here Are 5!

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that freezes and destroys stubborn fat cells to perfectly sculpt your dream body.

If you’re considering this popular technique, then you’re likely wondering how to get the best CoolSculpting results in Georgetown. It’s easier than you think, just follow these five pro tips!

  • Do Your Research on CoolSculpting Providers, Results, and Other Info Beforehand

Before you invest your time and money, make sure you do your own research on CoolSculpting, its benefits, ideal candidates, and reputable CoolSculpting centers near you. Look for providers that are certified with plenty of experience with this top-tier treatment.

  • Commit to Healthy Habits After CoolSculpting

If you really want to get the best CoolSculpting results in Georgetown, commit to healthy habits starting now. While this procedure is incredibly effective at helping you to lose fat, it’s not meant to replace regular exercise, a healthy diet, and the hydration your body needs.

  • Limit Your NSAID Intake

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, should be avoided for six weeks after CoolSculpting. They suppress your body’s natural inflammatory response, but this process is partly how CoolSculpting works to remove your now dead fat cells effectively.

  • Massage the Treated Area Daily

Immediately after your CoolSculpting session concludes, your specialist will massage the treated body part using circular motions. This helps your body to further break down and eliminate fat.

To continue assisting this process, give the treatment site a massage with a similar technique for at least two minutes every single day. Doing this can improve your results in ways you never imagined.

  • For the Best CoolSculpting Results in Georgetown, Choose Cool Contours in Nearby Fairfax!

Cool Contours is proud to serve Fairfax and beyond with the top body sculpting procedures!

Call us at 703-574-3007 and book your consultation with one of our specialists to achieve your goals for your ideal physique!


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