3 Reasons Why CoolSculpting Is the Best Double Chin Treatment in Arlington, Virginia

Double Chin Treatment in Arlington

CoolSculpting goes above and beyond with its fat-blasting results you can’t find anywhere else. But, is it the best double chin treatment in Arlington, Virginia?

Yes! Here are three reasons to consider this exciting alternative to surgery!

  • Downtime Is Non-Existent

You won’t have to pause your life after treatment, unlike surgery. Recovery time is very brief, and you can resume your regular routine right after treatment. Side effects like bruising or sensitivity are only temporary. Go ahead and pencil CoolSculpting for chins into your lunch break, as it’s really that quick and easy.

  • It’s Surgery Free and Pain Free

Both non-surgical and non-invasive, you can expect CoolSculpting to be a rather comfortable procedure, albeit a bit chilly. That’s right, this fat-blasting powerhouse is non-painful, too! Many people bring a book or tablet to keep them occupied or take a nap during this easy procedure.

  • Safe and Highly Effective

You may be surprised to learn just how effective CoolSculpting is for the chin. It’s as safe as it is effective, which is very! A double chin can affect anyone, no matter your shape or size, and CoolSculpting is the non-surgical solution to this unflattering condition.

You’ll begin to see results around the three-week mark of your treatment with continuous improvement over the following months, the fat flushing itself out of your body over a six-month period.

Many patients require more than one session, depending on the severity of their double chin, and your CoolSculpting technician will determine the right treatment course for you during your consultation.

For the Best Double Chin Treatment in Arlington, Virginia, Visit Cool Contours!

Meet with CoolSculpting specialists today for the best double chin treatment in Arlington, Virginia! Book your free consultation, virtual or in-person, by calling 703-665-3281. We can’t wait to help you improve your appearance and renew your confidence!


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