Beware of Liposuction – It’s Not the Safest Way to Treat Stubborn Fat

Beware of Liposuction

If you are considering surgical treatment to remove stubborn, unwanted fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise, you may want to beware of liposuction risks.

While it is an effective way to lose fat, it isn’t the safest. There are other treatments available that don’t pose near as many risks.

Beware of Liposuction – The Risks May Not Be Worth It!

There is a saying that goes, “A risk taken can be more dangerous than a risk not taken.” This is true of liposuction. While it can remove larger areas of fat, It is an invasive surgical procedure that requires anesthesia and a significant amount of time for recovery of up to four weeks. It certainly is not an ideal option for anyone who lives a busy life.

Liposuction poses more risks than other less-invasive treatments carry. In some cases, risks from liposuction don’t show up for weeks to months after the procedure.

Reasons to beware of liposuction include infection, fluid buildup that must be drained with a needle, and kidney and / or heart problems. Immediate risks include possibility of an allergic reaction to anesthesia, internal puncturing of organs during surgery, and fat embolisms in the lungs.

Need more reasons to beware of liposuction? How about possible permanent numbness at the surgical site? Or the hassle of having to take pain meds and / or antibiotics afterward? There is also the possibility of contouring irregularities, such as a bumpy or wavy skin appearance. Need we go on?

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