A Complete Guide to CoolTone in DC

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CoolTone DC

CoolTone in DC is one of the top treatments requested by patients looking to finally tone and tighten their bodies while ridding themselves of stubborn fat pockets that just won’t seem to go away with diet and exercise.


But, what is CoolTone, and is it right for you? We explore the answer to this and many other questions, below.


What is CoolTone in DC?

CoolTone is a device that sculpts your body while also burning away fat for a more toned looking physique.


The technology behind CoolTone utilizes magnetic technology to induce powerful muscle contractions in the targeted area.


Is CoolTone the Same as CoolSculpting?

Although CoolTone was brought to the market by the same company that introduced CoolSculpting the two serve very different purposes. 


Is CoolTone in DC Safe?

Yes, CoolTone in DC has been declared to be a safe and effective treatment by the FDA.


Popular Treatment Areas

Some of the most common treatment areas that can befit from CoolTone technology are the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.


How Many CoolTone Treatments Do I Need?

It will likely take multiple treatments to achieve your desired results.


However, most patients tend to look and feel stronger after just one treatment.


The best way to know how many CoolTone treatments you will need is to speak with a board-certified physician with extensive experience administering this popular treatment option.


Who is a Good CoolTone Candidate?

CoolTone is an excellent treatment option for any man or woman who is interested in tightening and toning areas of their body which may have not responded to traditional diet and exercise.


Schedule a Consult for CoolTone in DC

Here at Cool Contours, our main goal is to help our clients achieve their personal body contouring goals. 


To best serve our clients, we offer Coolsculpting and CoolTone consults, both in-person and virtually


To learn more about the services or to schedule your CoolTone consult in DC, contact Cool Contours online or call (703) 665-3281 today.


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