CoolSculpting for Belly Fat in Tysons Corner

Belly Fat CoolSculpting Tysons Corner

Does CoolSculpting for Belly Fat in Tysons Corner Really Work?

It’s so hard sticking to a healthy diet, and the thought of going to the gym six days a week only to have to look at stubborn belly fat isn’t appealing either. Nobody wants to work that hard to not see results.

Fortunately, there is a solution that works to remove that belly bulge even when diet and exercise don’t work. For a flatter tummy, you want CoolSculpting for belly fat in Tysons Corner!

What Can I Expect During CoolSculpting?

When you get CoolSculpting, the device is placed on your belly and you feel a very cold sensation in the area. But, that will go away quickly as the area becomes numb. You may experience a tugging or pulling sensation in addition to some achiness, but overall the procedure itself is painless.

Most clients take this time to relax! Bring a book, stream your favorite shows, or even take a nap during CoolSculpting, as you will be comfortable.

How Long Will It Take to See Results from CoolSculpting for Belly Fat in Tysons Corner?

Expect to see changes within a few weeks, with full CoolSculpting results showing in a couple of months. A note about results from CoolSculpting for bellies: optimal results depend on you! If you want to keep that gorgeous flat belly, you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

Can CoolSculpting for Belly Fat Really Work for Me?

Absolutely! As long as you are healthy, are within about 30 pounds if your goal weight, and are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, then CoolSculpting for belly fat in Tysons Corner is likely a great option for you.

Give Cool Contours a Call, and Say Goodbye to Belly Fat Forever!

If you are ready to freeze away fat cells, then you need Cool Contours! Our amazing providers have the skill, experience, and latest technology to help you look and feel your best. Contact us today at 703-665-3281 to book your free consultation!


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