CoolSculpting for Double Chin in Arlington: Does It Really Work?

CoolSculpting for Double Chin in Arlington

Happy with your body but not loving the double chin? If so, you need CoolSculpting for double chin in Arlington!

Does it really work? You bet it does! Here’s how.

How Does CoolSculpting for Chins Differ from Having It Done on the Body?

It’s the same technique. Fat cells are frozen, and once they begin to break down, they’ll be eliminated from your body naturally. The only difference you’ll notice is the applicator. It will be a smaller handheld device for treating your chin.

Does CoolSculpting Hurt?

The sensation you feel for body contouring is the same you’ll feel for your chin area. You’ll feel a tugging sensation from the applicator as well as intense cold, but that goes away after a few minutes.

How Long Will I Need to Wait to See the Results?

It does take a little time to see results from CoolSculpting for double chin in Arlington, so be patient. You’ll start to notice a change after a four to five weeks with final results showing within six months.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on your goal. Have a discussion with your provider during a consultation and let them help you work out a treatment plan.

Am I a Good Candidate?

As long as you’re healthy and have a desire to ditch the double chin, you’re likely an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting! Your provider will do a general medical evaluation before your treatment to be sure.

Why Should You Choose Cool Contours for CoolSculpting for Double Chin in Arlington? Because We are the Experts!

Ranked #1 in Virginia for CoolSculpting, our team is fully dedicated to making sure you have an amazing experience.

We understand diet and exercise don’t always work to get rid of a double chin, so we encourage you to give CoolSculpting a try! Book your consultation by calling 703-665-3281, or schedule online!


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