How Much Does CoolTone Cost?

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting the gym day after day and not getting the results you want. Fortunately, there is now a non-surgical solution to this problem!

CoolTone is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that tones musculature without surgery, incisions, anesthesia, or downtime.

If you want to learn more, continue reading as we answer some of the most frequently-asked CoolTone questions, including: How does CoolTone work? How much does CoolTone cost? What areas can I treat?

How Does CoolTone Build Muscles?

CoolTone is a noninvasive technology that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to strengthen, firm, and tone muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs. 

During treatment, MMS bypasses skin and fat and directly targets the muscle layer, causing deep and rapid muscle contractions.

Because these involuntary contractions are more powerful that what can be achieved through exercise, they cause muscle fibers to remodel and grow stronger, thicker, and firmer.

How Much Does CoolTone Cost?

If you are interested in non-invasive muscle toning, you may be wondering: How much does CoolTone cost?

While the cost of treatment varies, it can range from $2700 to $3700 per muscle group. As such, patient goals and areas of concern play a key role in determining CoolTone cost.

What Areas Can CoolTone Treat?

Currently, CoolTone is able to treat:

  • Abdomen – Sculpting and added definition
  • Buttocks – Firming, lifting, and shaping
  • Thighs – Toning and added definition
  • Biceps and triceps – Added definition

When Can I See CoolTone Results?

While many patients want to know – How much does CoolTone cost? – others are curious about when they will see results.

Most patients can achieve optimal muscle definition and toning with a series of four CoolTone treatments. Results become visible within two-to-four weeks of the last treatment. 

Final CoolTone effects are revealed by three months.

Learn More

For additional information about CoolTone cost, benefits, treatment areas, and more, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.


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