Foolproof Tips to Find the #1 CoolSculpting in MD

Foolproof Tips to Find the #1 CoolSculpting in MD

CoolSculpting is the top-rated method for non-surgical fat reduction. While it should not replace a healthy lifestyle, it can certainly be a boon to a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

However, if you want amazing CoolSculpting results you need to know where to go to get them. Finding the #1 CoolSculpting in MD isn’t difficult, but you do need to do a little homework. Relax and read this guide before you make your appointment.

CoolSculpting 101: Here’s How It Works

If you’re new to non-surgical fat reduction, you are probably curious about how it works. CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis, a process that puts extreme cold temperatures to work freezing fat cells. It is an FDA-approved procedure that is done with applicators that come in different sizes so they fit various targeted sites.

If you’re struggling to lose stubborn pockets of fat in your abdomen, arms, back, buttocks, jaw, thighs, or other treatable areas, CoolSculpting might be the right solution for you. Depending on the size of the area(s) you are treating, one session of CoolSculpting can last from 30 to 60 minutes.

“Extreme” Cold Temperatures?? Is CoolSculpting Painful?

Before your session begins, you’ll lie down and get comfortable. A gel pad will be placed on your skin for protection from temps that gradually cool to between 32 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The applicator is then placed on top of the gel pad.

While CoolSculpting is not considered painful, it is possible to feel some tingling or stinging before the targeted site becomes numb. You’ll also likely feel a tugging sensation from the applicator as fat is being suctioned in.

When Will I Be Able to See CoolSculpting Results?

You shouldn’t expect overnight results. It can take at least three weeks to notice a change in your appearance and three to six months to see your final CoolSculpting Results.

How Do I Find a Qualified Provider?

As mentioned, this isn’t a difficult process, but just because it’s not surgical doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time. It’s important you find a CoolSculpting provider who is well trained including hands-on clinical training and experience. You should also find one you can feel comfortable with discussing your body goals.

Make sure your certified CoolSculpting provider has completed training that thoroughly covered the following:

  • Factors that lead to excess fat and cellulite in the human body
  • Fat removal techniques using CoolSculpting
  • How to conduct a consultation and identify patient qualifications
  • Theory, science, and practice of non-surgical body contouring
  • Understanding of side effects and how to manage them

Technology and customization are important as well. The manufacturers of CoolSculpting are always starving to make advancements for their patients. For optimal results, your provider should have access to and be trained on how to use the latest equipment and the various applicator sizes.

There are a few other tips you can follow to find the #1 CoolSculpting in MD. Do you know someone who has had cryolipolysis? If so, ask them about their experience and who they recommend.

Online reviews can be good sources of information as well. Check social media pages, as well as third-party review sites that verify patients. Take a look at the before / after photos, and read comments to get a better idea of what other people have experienced at a CoolSculpting practice.

Are There Red Flags I Should Know About?

Yes. As always, it’s important you trust your instincts when choosing a CoolSculpting provider. Pay attention to how you are treated. If you are not met with courtesy, respect, compassion, and kindness or don’t feel comfortable for some reason, you should keep looking.

What you might not know is providers don’t set the cost of treatments. That’s up to the manufacturers. CoolSculpting can cost anywhere from $600 to more than $1,000 per treatment area, so if you encounter super low prices, you might want to find out why they are so low. Never put your health in jeopardy over a bargain!

What Is the Best Way to Find Out if I Qualify for CoolSculpting?

This is probably the last step you’ll take in looking for a provider. Schedule a non-surgical fat reduction consultation. Often, an in-person meeting can help you make a decision.

During your consultation, you’ll have a medical evaluation to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed. Go prepared to answer questions about your health conditions, medications / supplements you’re taking, and other medical history.

Your provider will also ask you about your goals and what you expect from treatment. Take advantage of your consultation to ask questions about CoolSculpting if you have them.

You might want to document your progress as well. If your provider suggests taking “Before” photos of you during your consultation and you’re okay with that, go for it. It’s always nice to document your journey so you can see how far you’ve come, and your photos shouldn’t be used without your permission.

You’ll Find the #1 CoolSculpting in MD Right Here at Nearby Cool Contours in Fairfax and Arlington!

At Cool Contours, the sole focus of our highly qualified team of specialists is non-surgical body contouring through CoolSculpting and its complimenting treatment, CoolTone. What does that mean for our patients? It means treatment delivered with expertise and confidence. It also means amazing results for you!

If you have questions about treatment and are ready to book your FREE consultation, call us today at 703-574-3007. It’s time you take this first step to a slimmer, beautifully contoured body!


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