How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Do I Need for Belly Fat?

How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Do I Need for Belly Fat?

The most common treatment area for CoolSculpting is the abdomen and the most frequently asked question is, “How many CoolSculpting cycles do I need for belly fat?”

Here are some details you should know before your treatment.

Can You Tell Me How CoolSculpting Gets Rid of Belly Fat?

The process itself is really simple. A specially designed applicator is placed on the targeted area then cold temps are used to freeze fat cells, a process known as cryolipolysis. Once those destroyed fat cells begin to break down, they are naturally eliminated from your body.

So What’s the Scoop? How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Do I Need for Belly Fat?

Without a proper consultation with your provider, it’s a bit difficult to say how many cycles you’ll need. It depends on how many fat cells you wish to destroy and other factors. However, most patients do require two to three cycles for optimal results.

How Does CoolSculpting Feel?

Initially, you feel intense cold, but that goes away after about five minutes. The truth is it’s quite comfortable, and you can easily relax during your session. After treatment, you may experience a bit of soreness and bruising, but those go away rather quickly.

Once I Complete the Necessary Cycles, Will My Results Be Permanent?

Once those fat cells are eliminated from your body, they never return. Your final results depend on you though. To enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting indefinitely, you need to continue to eat a well-balanced diet and get regular exercise.

Ready for a Slimmer, Beautifully Contoured Belly? It’s Time You Call Cool Contours!

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