Is CoolSculpting Painful in Rosslyn, Virginia?

Is CoolSculpting Painful in Rosslyn

It’s almost time to drag out the cool weather clothing. If you’ve enjoyed all the pleasures of delicious summertime food and cocktails by the beach, you may find that your jeans and sweaters are a little snug.

The amazing fat-freezing technique, CoolSculpting can help, eliminating fat so you lose inches and perfectly sculpt your physique. But, you’re worried it might hurt and are wondering is CoolSculpting painful in Rosslyn, Virginia.

You’re Curious.. Is CoolSculpting Painful in Rosslyn, Virginia?

Any cosmetic procedure can cause a bit of nervousness, but you can put your mind at ease. With non-invasive CoolSculpting, the short answer is that there is little to no discomfort.

Many clients describe the frigid temps as an uncomfortable process before it numbs the area, but not necessarily painful. In fact, you can use this time to relax! Bring a book or catch up on some TV. Some clients even take a nap! What you may feel during CoolSculpting:

  • Slight tingling
  • A sensation of pulling or tugging
  • Numbness from the cold temperatures

It is important to know that these sensations do dissipate during the process. After CoolSculpting, you may experience mild swelling and tenderness, itching, tingling, and / or stinging. These side effects can be easily managed and should go away quickly after treatment.

Here’s How to Safely Prepare for Your CoolSculpting Session!

You’ve made the decision to proceed with the transformational CoolSculpting procedure, and preparing for your appointment is important. There are simple ways you can ensure you’re comfortable before and after CoolSculpting:

  • Avoid any medication or supplement that may thin the blood, as these can increase the potential for bruising.
  • Avoid too much sun exposure in the days leading up to the treatment.
  • Be sure you’re in good health. Adequate diet and exercise is key.
  • For best results, avoid damage to the area that will be treated; bruises, cuts, or scrapes can lead to a delay in treatment.
  • On the day of your appointment, wear comfy clothing and eat a light meal beforehand.
  • Refrain from smoking the week prior to treatment, as this can delay healing.

You’re Ready for the Sensational Results of CoolSculpting So Hurry and Make the Call!

Our CoolSculpting experts at Cool Contours specialize in this remarkable FDA-approved treatment that requires no downtime for healing.

Now that we’ve answered the question, is CoolSculpting painful in Rosslyn, Virginia, it’s time to book your free consultation.

Call us today at 703-665-3281 or book your consultation online now, because you’ve nothing to lose but fat, and we often run specials to help save you money on your gorgeous new figure!


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