Is CoolSculpting Painful Under the Chin?

CoolSculpting for Chin

If you’re considering this revolutionary treatment that helps eliminate up to 25% of fat under the chin (submental fat) without surgery, then you likely have questions.

Is CoolSculpting painful under the chin? Does it hurt afterward? Where can I get CoolSculpting for chins? For answers to your burning questions about this very popular non-invasive treatment, read on!

What’s the Scoop – Is CoolSculpting Painful Under the Chin?

It is possible that you will experience discomfort when undergoing CoolSculpting, though it is designed with your comfort in mind. In fact, many people take a short nap during the session, which lasts about 35 minutes.

Since CoolSculpting involves no incisions, no injections, and no needles, it is markedly less painful than other cosmetic treatments for double chins. And you’re not likely to experience pain at all, but perhaps some mild discomfort, especially if you are sensitive to cold temperatures.

During CoolSculpting for chins, you may feel slight tugging, pinching, and / or pulling sensations from the vacuum while it’s drawing in the fatty tissue for treatment. At first, it’s pretty cold. It may take about 10 minutes before the area goes numb from the cold and you don’t feel anything any longer. CoolSculpting anywhere on the body will feel about the same.

Truthfully, Are There Any Painful Side Effects After Treatment?

No, there are no side effects after undergoing CoolSculpting. You may have some temporary redness or swelling in the area, but no pain. If anything, you may feel some lingering numbness until the area warms back up.

Where Can I Get Sensational Results From CoolSculpting?

Ready to get your summer body ready with CoolSculpting? Call us at 703-655-3281 or book a free consultation online today for CoolSculpting for chins in Fairfax. We look forward to answering all of your CoolSculpting questions like is CoolSculpting painful under the chin.


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