Is Fat Transfer Safe for Body Contouring?

Is Fat Transfer Safe for Body Contouring?

Fat Transfer – Miracle or Mistake?

Many people have excess fat in some areas but are looking for fullness in another area. A fat transfer can seem like an almost miraculous solution.

During the procedure, incisions are made so that a tube can be inserted to suction the fat. A machine separates the fat from other material before the fat is injected into the desired area. It may sound easy, but recovery time is lengthy, and the true results of the procedure likely won’t be seen for up to six months. Additionally, there are risks of fat transfer for body contouring that have the

So, Is Fat Transfer Safe?

While fat transfers can be and have been done safely, there are many avenues for things to go wrong. General risks include uncontrolled bleeding, allergies to medication and/or equipment, and blood clots. Unfortunately, the risks only get scarier, with the potential for cysts, pneumothorax (collapsed lung), fat embolism, significant scarring, and deformity.

The Bottom Line on Is Fat Transfer Safe, Is That It’s Not the Miracle Cure for Sculpting, and There Is an Alternative for a More Toned Physique That’s Not as Invasive – CoolScultping

So is fat transfer safe? It can be, but there’s no guarantee. Even if there are no health complications, there is no way to ensure that the procedure itself will be effective, because there is no way to know how much of the injected fat will absorb back into the body.

For a safer, permanent, and more effective solution, consider CoolSculpting, a non-surgical procedure that freezes unwanted fat cells that are then eliminated from your body naturally. As an added bonus, there is no recovery time and results are seen within just two months. Plus, it’s the only FDA-cleared treatment that uses controlled cooling for safer fat elimination.

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