Is Liposuction Safe for Eliminating Fat and Contouring the Body?

Is Liposuction Safe for Eliminating Fat and Contouring the Body?

Is there anything more frustrating than constantly dieting and going to the gym but not seeing the results you’re working so hard for?

It’s hard to sit back and realize that nothing is really changing when it comes to your physique, even though you’ve tried just about everything to blast away stubborn fat.

Maybe it’s left you wondering is liposuction safe, as you consider drastic measures to help you achieve your body goals.

So, What’s the Scoop – Is Liposuction Safe?

While liposuctions have been performed safely for decades, the truth is that it is an invasive surgical procedure and there are multiple risks involved with this procedure. Not only while undergoing the surgery, but you’re at risk of serious effects right afterward and during the recovery process.

During surgery, there is the possibility of nerve damage, puncture wounds to organs, complications from anesthesia, and even going into shock or dying. Immediately after, there are dangers of blood clots or too much fluid in the lungs, infections, swelling, and heart and / or kidney problems.

And yes, even death. While recovering, there is the possibility of infection, scarring, numbness, dimpled or bumpy skin, contour irregularities, and other issues with healing. Many people fail to even get the results they desired from lipo.

Yikes, I’m Not Sure I’m Willing to Risk It. Are There Safer Fat-Eliminating Techniques?

Yes, there are non-surgical, non-invasive options such as CoolSculpting to help you permanently get rid of unwanted fat. CoolTone can help you better contour, and you can combine the treatments to fully help you reach your desired aesthetic.

But Where Can I Get Sensational Results From CoolSculpting?

If the answer to your question about is liposuction safe has you searching for a safer alternative in CoolSculpting or CoolTone, you’re in luck! Cool Contours offers safe and effective CoolSculpting to help you shed up to 25% of unwanted body fat. For remarkable results that don’t require you to go under the knife to achieve your desired physique, call us today at 703-655-3281, or book a complimentary consultation online now!


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