Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting

sono bello vs. coolsculpting dc

Anyone in the market for a fat removal procedure has likely heard of or seen ads for Sono Bello and CoolSculpting.

While both treatments aim to eliminate stubborn bulges and reshape the body, there are number of notable differences between them.

To help you make a well-informed decision, continue reading as we compare Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting in terms of method, invasiveness, anesthesia, scarring, and recovery.

Treatment Method: Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting

Sono Bello is a laser liposuction procedure that makes small incisions in the skin and uses a laser fiber and a thin tube called a cannula to extract unwanted fat from the body.

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that applies controlled cooling to freeze and destroy stubborn bulges.

Sono Bello and CoolSculpting – Invasiveness

When comparing Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting invasiveness is a major factor to consider. In fact, many women and men choose CoolSculpting over Sono Bello because it is entirely noninvasive and doesn’t require any incisions or cutting.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used?

Sono Bello is performed with local anesthesia, which numbs the treatment area but allows you to remain awake during the procedure.

Thanks to its noninvasive nature and cutting-edge technology, CoolSculpting doesn’t require any type of anesthesia. This reduces risk and allows patients to drive themselves home immediately after.

Does Either Treatment Result in Scarring?

CoolSculpting uses a variety of noninvasive treatment applicators to target and eliminate localized fat deposits. As such, it doesn’t break the skin or result in any type of scarring.

On the other hand, Sono Bello makes incisions in the skin in order to insert the laser fiber and cannula. This can result in some degree of scarring.

Difference in Recovery Time: Sono Bello and CoolSculpting

If you are deciding between Sono Bello vs. CoolSculpting, you are likely wondering about the expected recovery for each option.

CoolSculpting is a zero-downtime procedure, and patients are able to return to work and resume all normal activities immediately after.

Following Sono Bello, patients will need to take several days off from work to rest and recover. They may also experience bruising for 2 weeks and residual swelling for several months.

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