Are There CoolSculpting Side Effects From This Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Method?

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Method

The non-invasive alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting is a fat freezing technique to target and destroy fat cells. It works best for people who are at or near the ideal weight but just can’t seem to shed the last little bit of fat with diet and / or exercise.

This revolutionary treatment allows you to get the contour you want without harsh surgeries, but you may be concerned about CoolSculpting side effects. Here’s what you should know.

CoolSculpting Is a Very Safe and Effective Way to Non-Surgically Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat

In fact, CoolSculpting is FDA cleared to treat stubborn fat bulges on the body, including on the arms, legs, abs, buttocks, back, flank, and under the chin and jaw.

CoolSculpting has been studied for years, and there are no known long-term effects from this procedure. While it does use very cold temperatures to freeze fat cells, which is what leads to successful CoolSculpting results, the machine is able to freeze fat cells without causing harm to surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting Side Effects Are Minimal and Rare

There are some known short-term side effects of cryolipolysis, the fat-freezing technology that CoolSculpting utilizes. You may experience some discomfort such as stinging, aching, or tugging sensations, as well as inflammation, and / or redness during or after CoolSculpting.

Very rarely, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia can occur, in which fat cells grow larger instead of shrinking and dying.

Bottom Line: CoolSculpting, Like Any Cosmetic Service, Isn’t 100 Percent Risk Free

There are no cosmetic treatments that are totally risk free. However, non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting are much lower risk than their surgical counterparts such as liposuction.

So, It’s Important to Choose CoolSculpting Experts for Treatment

To help you avoid CoolSculpting side effects, choose an experienced provider. A properly trained and skilled professional knows how to administer CoolSculpting in the safest way possible. Additionally, their experience makes a difference in the results you can expect. For sensational results from CoolSculpting, book a free consultation online, or call us at 703-655-3281 today!


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