How Much Is CoolTone for Multi-Faceted Body Contouring?

How Much Is CoolTone for Multi-Faceted Body Contouring?

Ready to take your physique to the next level? With FDA-approved CoolTone, you can build and strengthen muscles without doing a single crunch, lunge, squat, or other exercise for a perfectly sculpted appearance. But, how much is CoolTone in Fairfax, and what can you expect for your money?

How Much Is CoolTone Depends on Multiple Factors

There are many components that affect how much CoolTone will cost you. One important factor is how many sessions you need for your desired results and whether you buy a package for multiple sessions and / or treatment areas at a discounted rate. Some people need four sessions for optimal results. Other key determinants are your geographic location, the provider you choose, and the area being targeted.

If you live near a big city where there is a higher demand for CoolTone, you will likely pay more than someone in a small town. You should choose a reputable provider for CoolTone with excellent reviews, which means you’ll pay a little more for experience and results. Additionally, it will cost more to have CoolTone on a larger area of the body than a smaller one. You can expect to pay $750 to $1000 per treatment for CoolTone per session. However, your final cost can vary based on your unique needs.

CoolTone Delivers Incredible Results in a Non-Invasive Manner

Your CoolTone results will continue to improve for up to six months after treatment. The goal of CoolTone is an increase in muscle mass and definition, but it also often helps to burn fat in the treated area. This happens because your body metabolizes nearby fat cells to provide energy for the contractions CoolTone generates. This is all done safely and effectively to increase muscle mass and reduce fat by 16% in the targeted area.

So, You Can’t Really Put a Price on CoolTone

Sure, you can put a price tag on the procedure, but the results are absolutely priceless! To learn more about how CoolTone can help you contour thighs, buttocks, or abs when diet and exercise fail to accomplish your desired results, book a free consultation online, or call us at 703-655-3281 today! Let us give you a custom quote to see how much is CoolTone for you.


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