Goodbye Double Chin: Amy Schumer Gets CoolSculpting

Amy Schumer Double Chin

Comedienne and actress Amy Schumer is one of America’s favorites because of her down-to-earth personality and incredible talent.

She recently made headlines with one of her latest Instagram posts about eliminating her double chin with the sensational fat freezing treatment, CoolSculpting. Learn all about it in this post, “Goodbye Double Chin: Amy Schumer Gets CoolSculpting.”

A CoolSculpting Overview

So, before we can get into our run-through of Amy Schumer’s post, we have to explain what CoolSculpting is. This cosmetic enhancement procedure uses cryolipolysis, a fancy word for fat freezing, to destroy and eliminate fat cells. 

The revolutionary treatment is approved by the FDA for nine areas of the body, including the chin. One of the best parts? There’s no recovery time, and the results happen gradually, so no one even needs to know that you had help getting the look you’ve been dreaming of. Although, if you’re like Amy Schumer, you may want to tell the whole world!

Goodbye Double Chin: Amy Schumer Gets CoolSculpting

The Instagram clip starts very close into Amy Schumer’s face, and as she begins to talk about how she’s not the type of person to get “things” done, she slowly pans out to reveal that she’s in the middle of a CoolSculpting procedure. 

With comedy and a ton of classic wit, she says that she’s really not getting anything done to address her double chin, that it’s just the only way she can rest and relax. For people who have shied away from the procedure, it goes to show that CoolSculpting isn’t as scary as it may sound.

Say Hello to CoolSculpting

Ready to say, “Hello,” now that you’ve read “Goodbye Double Chin: Amy Schumer Gets CoolSculpting?” It’s time to book your consultation at the top-ranked practice for CoolSculpting in Virginia, Cool Contours. Give us a call at 703-665-3281 to speak to a member of our team, and be sure to ask about our current specials when you do!


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