Here’s the Secret to the Best CoolSculpting Results in Palisades, DC

Best CoolSculpting Results in Palisades, DC

There is no denying that exercise and a nutritious diet are necessary to stay fit and healthy. However, they don’t always get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. If you’re struggling with a belly bulge or flabby arms, it’s time to try CoolSculpting.

Before you schedule your appointment, you should understand what it takes to achieve the best CoolSculpting results in Palisades, DC.

Take the time to read this quick guide now with not just one secret but ALL the top advice, so you’re ready!

Your First Step to CoolSculpting Success Is Choosing the Right Provider

While CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive method of freezing away fat cells, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose an experienced provider.

Look for a practice that employs certified CoolSculpting specialists. That way, you know you are having your treatment done by someone who understands the technology and how to create a safe treatment plan to achieve your body contouring goals.

Lose Excess Weight Before Treatment

It has been proven that those who are close to their ideal weight have the most success with CoolSculpting. A normal body mass index (BMI) range is 18.5 to 25, and an ideal candidate for this treatment is someone with a BMI of 30 or less.

You shouldn’t go into this treatment with the idea it is a weight loss program. Instead, CoolSculpting is a fantastic enhancement for those who are near their goal weight and already have a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of a Healthy Lifestyle, Eat Right and Hit the Gym

It is true that your new contour can last indefinitely, but those long-lasting results depend on you! In order to enjoy your CoolSculpting results long term, you need to be committed to a healthy diet and regular exercise before and after treatment.

Fat cells that are targeted during CoolSculpting break down and are naturally eliminated from your body. Once they are gone, they are gone for good and your body will not “grow” new fat cells.

But, this doesn’t mean your existing ones can’t expand. If they do, you can lose some or all of your amazing CoolSculpting effects.

For the Best CoolSculpting Results in Palisades, DC, Massage the Treatment Area

Immediately following your Session, your specialist will massage the treatment area. Pay attention, as you’ll need to continue this at home.

Studies have shown that two months of careful and diligent massage can improve your outcome by 68%. Keep it going for four months to see even more dramatic improvement in the best CoolSculpting results in Palisades, DC.

Avoid Taking NSAIDs

It is also important to note that your body’s natural inflammatory response is what eliminates the destroyed fat cells. NSAIDs interfere with inflammatory process, diminishing this cryolipolysis treatment’s effects.

Loose Clothing or Compression Garment – Choose Wisely

After CoolSculpting, you might feel a bit sore. You’ll be much more comfortable if you wear loose clothing to your appointment and immediately following.

Ask your specialist about the right time to start wearing a compression garment. This can help to relieve minor side effects like swelling and bruising but will also help to shape your body.

Complete Your CoolSculpting Treatment Plan

Your CoolSculpting plan will be designed to meet your body goals, so not following through can mean setbacks. You’ll be given expert tips on how to prepare as well as post-CoolSculpting aftercare advice.

For optimal results, you need to not only be committed to a healthy lifestyle but also to carrying out your plan as advised.

Choose Cool Contours for the Best CoolSculpting Results Near Palisades!

Cool Contours is ranked #1 in Virginia for CoolSculpting, serving the metro DC area, because we truly are experts in the field. We provided the personalized care you need to achieve your body contouring goals.

With free in-person and virtual consultations, you have nothing to lose so schedule yours today. Give us a call at 703-574-3007, and let’s begin your journey to a beautifully contoured body!


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