Liposuction Cost in Maryland

Liposuction Cost in Maryland

Like many women and men with stubborn bulges, you may be considering liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat once and for all. 

Although liposuction is an elective procedure, patients should carefully consider their options and ensure that they are well-informed about all aspects of the treatment. This includes understanding: How liposuction is performed; Who’s a good candidate for treatment; and Liposuction cost in Maryland.

Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of liposuction, and if it’s right for you.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is well-suited to healthy adults who want to remove a considerable volume of fat from multiple parts of the body.

It is important that patients have realistic expectations and understand that liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, nor is it meant to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Maryland?

If you are considering this method of fat removal, you are probably wondering: How much does liposuction cost in Maryland?

The actual cost of liposuction treatment can vary depending on several factors including the number of treatment areas, patient goals, and provider qualifications and expertise.

That being said, liposuction cost in Maryland can range from $4000 – $7000.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Liposuction is typically performed with general anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia and takes approximately 1-3 hours. 

During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the skin and inserts a thin tube called a cannula. This instrument is used to manually extract fat and sculpt the targeted body part.

Following treatment, patients are placed in a compression garment and, in most cases, can return home the same day.

Learn About Non-Surgical Liposuction Alternative

If you are interested in a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, please call our office today to schedule a CoolSculpting consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.


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