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Top CoolSculpting Clinic Northern Virginia

The Benefits of Visiting the Top CoolSculpting Clinic in Northern Virginia

If you are considering non-invasive fat freezing, you’ve probably started to research providers and look for the top CoolSculpting clinic in Northern Virginia–including Fairfax, Arlington, Reston, McLean, Tysons, Vienna and Ashburn, Virginia.

While your choice of CoolSculpting specialist is essential to a safe and effective treatment, it’s also important to be familiar with the procedure itself.

Cool Contours is conveniently located in Fairfax, Virginia, serving the entire Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Our team of experts focuses solely on CoolSculpting, meaning we’ve been extensively trained and are equipped to help answer any question–pre-and-post treatment–regarding CoolSculpting.

Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of CoolSculpting, and what patients can expect should they decide to undergo this non-invasive fat removal procedure.

What Areas Can CoolSculpting Treat?

CoolSculpting can eliminate diet and exercise resistant fat from virtually any part of the body without surgery, incisions, anesthesia, or downtime.

In fact, it’s FDA-approved to treat the abdomen, flanks (love handles), inner and outer thighs, hips, banana roll, bra line/back, upper arms, double chin, and under the jaw.

How Long Does Treatment Take at a Top CoolSculpting Clinic?

Depending on the location and size of the targeted area, CoolSculpting can take 35-60 minutes per application.

However, a top CoolSculpting clinic is more likely to perform fat freezing with the CoolAdvantage system. These applicators produce colder temperatures and provide a shorter treatment time.

DualSculpting is another CoolSculpting technique that can expedite the procedure. It involves treating multiples areas simultaneously using two CoolSculpting devices. This approach cuts treatment time in half and is usually offered at a top CoolSculpting clinic.

Who Is An Ideal CoolSculpting Candidate?

Healthy woman and men who struggle with pinchable fat, that has not responded to diet and exercise, are typically excellent CoolSculpting candidates. These individuals are usually at or near their ideal shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

CoolSculpting may also be well-suited to patients who are seeking de-bulking, rather than sculpting, prior to starting a fitness regimen or professional weight-loss program.

What Does CoolSculpting Feel Like?

Most patients find CoolSculpting to be a quick and comfortable process. It’s not uncommon to experience a slight pulling or tugging sensation, followed by a cooling effect, at the beginning of treatment.

However, the treatment area becomes numb within a matter of minutes and these feeling quickly subside.

Looking for a Top CoolSculpting Clinic?

If you are considering fat freezing and looking for a top CoolSculpting clinic, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.


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