Your Ultimate Guide to the Best CoolSculpting Results in DC

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best CoolSculpting Results in DC

You eat right and hit the gym because you want to look your best, right? So, what do you do when that isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn bulges and pockets of fat?

You do what millions of others have done and choose CoolSculpting. What exactly is it though? Does it hurt? How can you get the best CoolSculpting results in DC? Read on for answers you really want to know!

Here’s How the Revolutionary Fat-Freezing CoolSculpting Treatment Works

CoolSculpting is a cryolipolysis technique, meaning that it uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. Because only fat cells are susceptible to the cold, surrounding tissues remain safe and intact.

Use CoolSculpting on Any of These Areas Stubborn Fat Is Hanging On

This is a safe and effective treatment for many areas of your body. CoolSculpting can successfully treat a double chin, upper arms, abdomen, flank, back, bra area, chest, thighs, and under buttocks.

What Can I Expect During CoolSculpting? Is It Painful?

You’ll lay down and get comfortable before treatment begins. Your CoolSculpting specialists will apply a gel pad and applicator to the area you wish to target.

This procedure is not at all painful. You’ll feel a pulling or tugging sensation and intense cold, but after five to ten minutes, the treatment site becomes numb. It’s so comfortable in fact that many patients choose to use this time to relax, read, or even take a nap!

On average, Coolsculpting takes 30 to 60 minutes. The time depends on the size and number of areas you are treating.

What Are Common CoolSculpting Side Effects?

Many people experience redness, swelling, and soreness immediately following treatment. These side effects are typically minor and temporary. They go away rather quickly on their own, usually within one to three weeks.

When Will I See CoolSculpting Results?

You shouldn’t expect your results to be visible overnight, as it takes time for your body to naturally eliminate the broken down fat cells. You’ll begin to see a change after about three weeks, with the final outcome being realized around the three-month mark.

Want the Best Results Possible? Do These Five Things

If you’re heard CoolSculpting results are permanent, you heard correctly. Once fat cells are gone from your body, they are gone for good. However, it is possible for your existing fat cells to expand without a healthy lifestyle, so be sure not to diminish your results by not staying active or consuming a healthy diet.

By following these five easy steps, you’ll achieve the best CoolSculpting results in DC faster:

  • Massage the treatment area. Immediately following your session, your specialist will massage the treatment site. By continuing this massage at home for two minutes a day, you’ll improve your CoolSculpting results significantly.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, you’ll want to keep the weight off after CoolSculpting. This means eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Ideally, you’ll have already developed a healthy habit before getting treatment.
  • Stay hydrated. You already know how important drinking water daily is to your health. It also helps your body flush toxins and the broken-down fat cells.
  • Skip the NSAIDs. Your body’s inflammatory response helps to eliminate the destroyed fat cells. Taking NSAIDs interferes with the process and can delay your result.

Taking NSAIDs can also cause a rare side effect called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). While not life threatening, PAH does typically require surgery to fix.

  • Finish your treatment plan. CoolSculpting is a procedure that requires more than one session. Of course, the number of treatments you need depends on your specific goals, but most patients benefit most from four to six.

Do I Need to Plan for Downtime to Recover From CoolSculpting?

No, it does not require any downtime for recovery. You’ll easily be able to resume your day right after your appointment.

How Do I Find Out if I’m a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

The easiest way to find out if this amazing non-surgical body contouring treatment is right for you is during a consultation. Your specialist will need to gather information about your medical history and general health to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed.

This treatment should not be considered a weight loss option. Instead, it’s a great tool to help you stay fit and trim. The patients who have the most success with CoolSculpting are those who are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight.

You should have realistic expectations about what CoolSculpting can do. It targets subcutaneous fat or that “pinchable inch” you find directly below your skin. If loose skin is a concern, you should speak to your specialist about a different treatment option.

There are issues that might prevent you from getting CoolSculpting. It isn’t recommended for anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It also might not be suitable for you if you have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

Choose Cool Contours for the Best CoolSculpting Results in DC!

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